Environmental Risk Studies and Management

  • Improve planning for emergency responders with accurate, photo-realistic data
  • Tailor communication to local residents regarding natural hazard risks and contingency plans
  • Reduce the cost of validating or adapting natural hazard simulation results 

What Uzufly does for you

Current models for analyzing natural hazards are based on imprecise and dated data. Predictions are therefore unreliable and the estimation of costs associated with natural disasters near infrastructures is often far from reality. 

Our 3D models help land developers to identify risk areas (flood plains, avalanches, erosion, forest fires) and to prepare hazard reduction projects. Our 3D terrain models are used as a basis for simulations and risk models to measure the location and extent of potential natural disasters. 3D models can also be generated in the aftermath of disasters to assist in operational planning and damage management.



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