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  • Increase the accuracy of volumetric calculations or compare volume differences from one survey to the next
  • Reduce the time of access to information with complete data in less than 24 hours

  • Improve communication and logistics with stakeholders

What Uzufly does for you

Based on incomplete and costly methods, the measurement of mine and quarry production volumes is currently a complex and time consuming exercise. Traditionally, a surveyor measures a limited number of geo-referenced points to estimate the volumes of soil or rubble, and each transport truck is weighed to estimate the volumes going in and out of a quarry, without indicating where exactly the volumes will be stored. 

The 3D models are based on millions of 3D points and are particularly useful for accurately measuring stockpile volumes and analyzing the condition of mine rock faces in 3D. It is also possible to measure volume differences between each survey across a site and thus obtain accurate data on volume changes. This allows monitoring the progress of the work and communicating accurate information to the various stakeholders.


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