Before creating Uzufly, Romain used to take his drone on each of his trips, making videos and 3D models of the places he visited. He quickly realized the potential of these models, which coupled with accurate geo-referencing, have a huge potential through many applications.

A few years ago, the development of 3D modeling (or "photomesh") from drone images was still very limited, and focused on the acquisition of images of buildings of heritage interest. Romain then decided to create Uzufly, in order to unlock the potential of 3D modeling in the urban planning and construction industry in general.


3D geospatial data and modeling


Our mission is to disrupt the way the planning and construction industry views their projects and interacts with their clients. We produce state-of-the-art 3D models and data and deliver them to our clients so that they can leverage the enormous potential of Digital Twins to improve their daily lives.

Uzufly's success with our clients is based on our unending desire to discover and learn the latest geospatial data acquisition and processing techniques, creating a long-term relationship of trust.

Processing of large volumes of 3D data

Uzufly has developed its own processes and algorithms for 3D data processing in order to deliver very high quality models, in a format adapted to all the needs of our customers, while automating the processing process as much as possible.

In particular, we have developed our own cloud data processing architecture to carry out large-scale projects, such as entire cities at a resolution of 2 cm!




At Uzufly, we want each of our employees to feel empowered to be themselves and to thrive in their professional and personal lives. We follow this ambition by offering an inclusive corporate culture based on respect and appreciation of diversity in all its forms.


We find creative and innovative ways to achieve our goals to go beyond what is conceivable.

Human centered design

It is our will to improve the development process of products or services in order to avoid future mistakes.


Reflection, then action - that's our approach. In order to respond adequately to our clients, we mitigate and resolve, upstream, the problems that may arise during our projects and to ensure optimal quality of service.


It is by cooperating and pooling our knowledge that we can accomplish our goals.


Uzufly's team is based on a unique expertise and deep knowledge of aerial image capture and large-scale 3D modeling techniques; knowledge acquired through many years of experience in various companies recognized worldwide in the 3D modeling industry.

The team is composed of various profiles, linking the fields of surveyor, civil engineering, environmental engineering, 3D modeling and video games.

Uzufly is thus uniquely positioned to master the value chain of 3D modeling creation from A to Z and to adapt each deliverable to each client.
Romain Kirchhoff
Romain KirchhoffCEO & Co-Founder
Master EPFL - Management, Technology and Entrepreneurship - Airplane pilot and amateur boxer
Théo Benazzi
Théo BenazziCTO & Co-Founder
INSA Strasbourg - Surveyor Engineer - Handball player and best Tiramisu cook in the world
Aurélien Brun
Aurélien BrunGeomatics Engineer
Master EPFL - Environmental Sciences and Engineering - Gamer and rides his bike even in the snow
Jules Pochon
Jules PochonSolution Architect
Master EPFL - Management, Technology and Entrepreneurship - Globetrotter and diver
Florida Demaj
Florida DemajCorporate Finance
Master HEC - Corporate Finance - Travel fan and sensational activities
Emily Millasson
Emily MillassonReal Time 3D Artist
Bachelor HETIC - Semi-pro game player and judoka
Nicolas Rojas
Nicolas RojasGeomatics Engineer and WebGIS developer
Master UNIL - Spatial analysis and complex systems - Cheese and adrenaline fan
David Richard
David Richard3D Modeler & Product Development
CFC Landscape Designer - Loves to dance to electronic music and comic book fan
Larissa Mendonça
Larissa MendonçaMarketing Manager
Bachelor CREA Geneva Digital Marketing and Communication - Director and soccer player
Jeremy Osih
Jeremy OsihFull-Stack Developer & DataOps
EPFL student - Microengineering - Fan of fighting and flowers


Romain Kirchhoff
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